Australian native flowers

Our 10 Favourite Australian Native Flowers

What Australia lacks in size, it makes up for in flora and fauna.

Our native animal species range from kangaroos and koalas, echidnas and emus, to wallabies and wombats, bandicoots and bilbies. They are as diverse as they are distinctive, and so too are our plants and flowers.

Australian native flowers are recognisable for their vivid range of colours, uniquely shaped patterns and woody, bush fragrances. Most bloom best in Spring and Summer, from the sandy soil and full sun of the North to the muddy, marshy wetlands of the West and everywhere in–between.

Native Australian flowers, plants and shrubs are great in bouquets too, often adding texture and volume to a featured flower, or as stand-alone arrangements.

Scroll down to find out more about the top 10 flowers that are native to Australia…

1. Eucalyptus 

Eucalyptus trees (or gums) are a fixture of the Australian landscape. Recognisable for their tall trunks and grey-to-beige bark, they sprout billowing reddy–pink stamens with yellow tips (in place of petals).

Their smooth, silver-grey foliage is a popular feature in floristry for weddings. The long, pointed leaves add height to centrepieces, whilst the short, round leaves add mass to small bunches like a boutonniere, bouquet or table garland.

2. Kangaroo Paw 

Native to WA, the kangaroo paw is another quintessentially Australian plant. Their tubular, furry stalks come in an array of colours, from red and yellow, to green, orange, pink and nearly white.

They fit in with flower bouquets featuring exotic or traditional flowers, and their stiff stems mean they hold their shape in an upright arrangement, such as in a vase.

3. Billy Buttons

A member of the daisy family, billy buttons look like little golden golf balls on skinny green stems. These Australian native flowers are easy to grow all year round in all states (except TAS) and tolerate most weather conditions.

Their cheery appearance makes them a great choice for a ‘get well soon’ bunch or in a summer wedding, flower girl bouquet. Because they keep their colour and structure, they are also popular in dried flower arrangements. 

4. Flannel Flower

Nothing sounds more Australian than a plant named after an iconic shirt fabric – the flannel flower. With a velvety covering of tiny, soft hairs, this white wildflower is found on the east coast.

Due to its small size and delicate form, it’s perfect to use in a little posy as a gift or for decorative purposes.

5. Golden Wattle

The sunny, golden wattle is the most iconic flower in Australia. Green and gold – our national colours – it’s a symbol of our spirit and resilience in tough times. Physically they are a hearty plant too, able to withstand both bushfires and droughts.

Australians are encouraged to wear wattles in their buttonholes on significant days, such as days of national mourning and on September 1st, aka Wattle Day.

6. Waratah

The floral emblem of NSW, the waratah with its bright crimson flowerheads is a distinctive native shrub. Its big cone-shaped blooms and green leaf stems feature heavily on everything from Australian advertising and art to stamps and souvenirs. 

The waratah is long-lasting and will make a fantastic cut flower. Waratahs encircled by eucalyptus foliage would make for a stunning Australian native flower bouquet.

7. Banksia

Another bold Australian native flower is the banksia, aka the honeysuckle. Identifiable by its spiky, cylindrical shape and ombre tint (usually yellow to red), it grows all over Australia in both sunny and shady conditions.

When cut, they can last for a long time in a vase, typically 2–3 weeks, and they make great central flower features in bridal bouquets.

8. Bottlebrush

Named because they resemble bottle (and even toilet) brushes, the bottlebrush is another distinctive Australian native. An evergreen shrub with red spikes, it blooms best in Summer.

They are sought after in cut flower arrangements because of their durability and longevity out of the ground, and they look especially striking in wreaths. 

9. Desert Flame

Not to be confused with billy buttons, the desert flame is a ground covering perennial with bright yellow, button flowers. This Australian native flowers all year round in QLD, growing well in full sun and part shade.

Because they need very little water to thrive, cut desert flame buds will look gorgeous in a floral bouquet or a table garland.

10. Grevillea

Grevillea is easy to grow and native to all areas of Australia (except TAS). Also known as the spider flower because of its curly coils, it’s pink and petal–less and a great source of food for pollinators. 

Grevilleas come in a wide range of sizes, from shrub-like ground covers to tall plants perfect for privacy screenings. In floristry, they make great centrepieces for dining tables and coffee tables.

Here at Matilda’s Flowers, we stock an array of Australian native flowers in the form of bouquets, vase/box arrangements, wreaths and casket coverings. Our favourites include The Yarra, Maribyrnong, Wistful Wildflower, Dragon’s Tail, Make Their Day, Neutral Nora and Just Peachy.

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