Flower Care

Now that you have your beautiful new blooms at home, what you do next is crucial to how longthey will last. It is important that they remain cool and out of bright light, and away from heatsources and fruit bowls (ripening fruit give off ethylene!).

Bouquets & Cut Flowers

Keep cool, and place in water as soon as possible. Firstly though a fresh cut on the ends of the stems is essential. Use garden secateurs for this, and cut on an angle if you are able. Cut ½ an inch for smaller bouquets, an inch for taller flowers. This will ensure the most efficient water uptake. Strip any remaining foliage away if it is below the water level and place in a suitable sized vase. Most flowers will tolerate a good amount of water, and most flowers will drink more than you might think - it’s important they don’t run out of water or this will cut their vase life short.Change the water every few days or if it is cloudy. Place in a cool area out of direct sunlight and enjoy! There is nothing quite like nature in your house to spread joy!

Vase & Box Arrangements

Vase arrangements require water level to be kept topped up, to ensure all stems are able to drink the water. Change the water when cloudy.Box arrangements will require a top up of water every day or so depending on how warm the ambient temperature is.

All of the above will also benefit from removing any spent blooms and dried foliage, as they occur.

Cut Flowers

Gerberas and Poppies

Place in a vase with just a few inches of water to reduce stem breakdown. Monitor water level.Recut stems every few days.


May have their stems pierced with a pin just below the petals when they show signs of drooping.Cutting a few inches off their stems every few days keeps their length constant. (No you are notimagining it, they are getting longer whilst in the vase!)Of course there is nothing quite like the artfulness of the graceful elongated and drooping stemsof the tulip as they grow and open, so we love to let them do their thing!


All have stamens which contain pollen that can stain hands and clothes. Ideally removestamens before the pollen has appeared (rust coloured powder) remove spent blooms as theyfade.

Australian/African Natives 

If you wish to keep them dried, dry slowly in a vase of water.


RosesCut an inch off stems every few days, to help stems stay straight.


Generally open quickly, often into magnificent blooms of otherworldly delight. Limit handlingwhen mature to avoid petal drop.


Plunge blooms into cold water to soak for 15 minutes to extend their life when they are showingsigns of wilting. Keep cool and recut stems regularly.

Sweet William and Stock 

Change the water every day. Trust us!