The Best Flowers To Buy For Every Occasion

The Best Flowers To Buy For Every Occasion

Flowers are the go–to choice of gift when it comes to celebrating or commiserating an occasion. They represent our emotions and the feelings we want to convey and share with the ones we love – plus, they look really pretty too!

You can get flowers for significant calendar dates like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, happy moments like birthdays and personal milestones, exciting announcements like engagements and weddings, as well as more sombre life events too.

If you’ve got something coming up and you’re not sure what flowers would suit, you’ve come to the right place! 

So, keep reading for our flower recommendations for every occasion… 


Birthday Flowers

When it comes to a friend or family member’s birthday, buying them a bunch of their favourite flowers, or in their favourite colours, makes the most sense. 

Bright Berry is a bold and beautiful mixture of red, orange and pink flowers, so it gives off some seriously happy vibes and would make for a great birthday bouquet. A toned-down version with white, beige and blue blooms is The Happy Bunch. The perfect choice for a slightly less vivacious friend! 


Wedding & Engagement Flowers

Getting married is the ultimate declaration of love, so it’s no surprise that flowers are one of the most popular ways of commemorating it. 

Saying “I do” with roses is a natural choice, and our soft pink Wild Rose and Ruby Rose bouquets with rustic foliage’s look as lovely as they smell! 


Anniversaries & Valentine’s Day Flowers

As mentioned, roses stand for love, passion and admiration, so it’s no wonder they are almost the only flower of choice for weddings, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day (it helps that they are also stunning to look at and have a beautiful, delicate fragrance!)

Here at Matilda’s Flowers, we have something specifically for anniversaries, called The Anniversary, of course. Combining pinks and plums with burgundies to create a pastel palette that screams romantic gestures, this one is sure to get you in the good books (or back into the good books if you forget the date, oops!)

Our BIG BIG LOVE bouquet – of over 100 stem roses – is the biggest statement of love you can make, and your special someone will be in no doubt about how you feel. On a slightly smaller scale (but no less sweet) are our Pink Romantic bouquets and our Forever Love Bukura bouquets. 


Mother’s Day Flowers

Nothing says “I love ya, mum” like a gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers.

Our Bella bouquet of multicoloured roses will cheer her up no end (“bella” is Italian for “pretty” which applies to everyone’s mum), as will our muted and sophisticated Strawberries and Cream vase of flowers.

If she loves her pastel colours, the Pinks and Peaches pot is a must–buy, but if she digs a splash of colour, like violet blue and light lemon, Pretty Pastel Vase is the way to go. 


First Date Flowers

It has been long debated: are flowers appropriate for a first date?

Well, depending on what type of flowers you show up with, the answer is yes and no. Traditional red roses might make you look like you’re coming on a bit strong, so it’s better to stick to the paler varieties, like orange, pink or purple.

The best flower to show that you’re interested without coming on too strong is the tulip. 

Our Pranvera tulip bunches are subtle yet super sweet and are sure to get you a second date!


Sympathy & Funeral Flowers

Sympathy flowers are a really nice way of showing you are there and you care.

Although the traditional colour for being in mourning is black, when it comes to arranging bouquets or wreaths on the top of a coffin, white is often favoured as a symbol of peace and calmness.

A Heart Wreath in white, pink, peach and red tones makes a beautiful statement and shows everyone just how loved the person was, whilst a Lily Rose or White Lily bunch can be sent to the immediately bereaved. And a Native and Wildflower casket combination is a lovely way to decorate the coffin on the day of the funeral as well as brighten the mood (as the person would have wanted, we're sure!).


New Baby Flowers

When a new addition is welcomed into the family, it’s such a joyous and exciting time.

Gender neutral, coloured flowers are often the most popular in this day–and–age, such as white, cream, yellow, orange, green and purple.

Our Neutral Nora arrangements are appropriate for both girls and boys, as are our Hydrangea Bunches and our Peachy Keen blooms of pink lilies and peach roses.


Congratulations Flowers

There are many occasions which call for congratulations and celebrations. They can include graduating, buying a new house, getting a new job, getting a promotion or overcoming a serious illness.

Yellow indicates a bright future or new chapter, so sunflowers (aka our Sunshine Bouquet with Australian eucalyptus) is the perfect way to say “well done” and “I’m proud of you”.


Get Well Soon Flowers

If there's a loved one in the hospital and you want to bring them flowers, it’s advisable to go with varieties that have a mild scent or no scent at all.

We recommend bright and beautiful red poppies as they are odourless and won’t irritate other patients and visitors. They’ll also bring some much–needed positivity and colour to a stark hospital room.

If they are recovering at home, houseplants like the peace lily will help with maintaining good physical and mental health and wellbeing.

So, no matter what occasion you have coming up, flowers are always suitable. From celebrating exciting events like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and new babies, to acknowledging more serious moments like a funeral or an illness, flower bouquets and hampers have a great way of showing how you feel and how much you care.

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