A bouquet of summer sunflowers

The Best and the Brightest Summer Flowers in Australia

When we think of summer flora, Australian native flowers come to mind because they are low-maintenance and drought-resistant. However, not all flowers wither and die in hot weather conditions. In fact, there are many varieties that thrive during the warmer months.

Not only are they great for growing in the garden, but they also make perfect presents and accessories. You can use summer flowers to brighten up your home during the festive season by making a table centrepiece for Christmas Day or a New Year’s Eve party. If there’s a wedding on, summer flowers also look wonderful in bouquets and buttonholes.

So, keep scrolling for 20 of the most beautiful flowers that bloom in summer in Australia…

1. Sunflowers

Nothing says summer more than a sunflower. With big, bright yellow petals, they look like the sun. It’s no surprise they symbolise happiness, warmth and strength.

2. Carnations

Fluffy carnations are one of the most popular flowers to be used in floristry. Representing the month of January, they have a gentle, sweet scent and come in summery pastel colours like pink, mauve, yellow & white.

3. Celosias

A celosia (also known as a cockscomb) flowers from mid-summer into autumn, and is known for its stunning summer shades of fiery red, orange, yellow, pink & purple. 

4. Dahlias

Another popular flower for the summer season is the dahlia. Blooming from early December until April, they come in an array of vibrant colours and shapes and look great in vase arrangements.

5. Daisies

If you’re nostalgic for hot summer days running around as a child, the yellow-centred, white-petalled daisy is for you. No doubt you made daisy chains and flower crowns out of them!

6. Nasturtiums

Did you know that nasturtiums were edible? Their yellow, orange & red trumpet-shaped flowers are perfect to sprinkle on top of a Christmas cake or pavlova, or even to add to a summer salad.

7. Petunias

Petunias are perfect summer flowering plants because they love full sun. They commonly bloom in shades of pink, purple, yellow & red, but you can also get white flowers and multi-coloured petals.

8. Anthurium

The anthurium (also known as a laceleaf or flamingo flower) is a stylish tropical plant. Place one near a window and it will bloom constantly throughout summer.

9. Zinnia

A bouquet of zinnias is like a rainbow! Cut and placed in a vase, they make for a striking dinner table centrepiece.

10. Frangipani

White flowers with yellow centres, frangipanis are associated with sunny afternoons and island holidays. They are great summer flowers in Australia because they can survive in hot conditions with very little water.

11. Marigold 

There is no prettier birthday bouquet than a bunch of vibrant orange and yellow marigolds. They are very heat-tolerant too, so won’t wilt easily.

12. Lotus

Lotuses are perennial plants that shoot in spring and flower during summer and early autumn. They bloom in shades of pink, white & red, and when cut, last a few days.

13. Lavender

Sprigs of English lavender are very popular because of their strong, distinctive scent and rich violet colour. Its peak flowering season is mid-summer.

14. Echinaceas

Echinacea flowers (or coneflowers) blossom in summer with pink petals and textured orange centres. The petals don’t last long, but the centres last indefinitely and look great in dried flower arrangements.

15. Agapanthus

You see purple agapanthus plants in almost every botanical garden in Australia. They do well in hot, humid and dry climates and their thick stems mean they are good to cut and display.

16. Hydrangeas

The hydrangea is one of the most iconic blue and pink flower varieties. Their fluffy shape makes them a popular choice in summer-style wedding bouquets and dried flower arrangements. 

17. Hibiscus

The exotic-looking hibiscus thrives in full sun and is a bit of a summer staple. Its colours are bright and bold and because it has short stems, it works best in garlands and boutonnières.

18. Bougainvillea

Another typical Australian summer flower is the bougainvillea. They are distinctively hot pink and are commonplace in people’s front and back gardens, as well as climbing fences.

19. Gardenia

Crisp white and fresh, gardenias have a strong floral scent not unlike jasmine. They love humidity and sunlight and produce buds late in the season.

20. Roses

You can never go wrong with roses. Red is the most iconic, but you can tone it down in summer with pastel colours and matching vases or pots.

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